A few days left to ice skate at the Coliseum


If you’ve missed the winter wonderland of ice skating at the Coast Coliseum, you’re going to want to hurry because you only have a few days left.

Skating will be closed tomorrow for New Year’s Day, but will open every other day through Sunday. Tickets are sold and skates made available 30 minutes before each session.  The skates are first come, first serve so make sure to arrive early.

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Katie Hensarling with the Coliseum says it has been the busiest year they’ve seen yet. “Even though we got a late start this year, it’s been one of our most successful years yet. We only have five days left so if you have not come out be sure you do. Sunday is the last day. We aren’t bringing it back until November 2020 so now is your chance.”

They also still have opportunities to book parties over the weekend, just contact the Coliseum.


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