Countdown to Noon Celebration at Lynn Meadows


Some families kicked off 2020 a little early today at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport with a countdown to noon.

While most adults wait to watch the ball drop at midnight, these kids got the party started early at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. “I’m just here to enjoy the party.”

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The ‘Countdown to Noon’ event has been taking place for years and is a tradition for many families from all around the Gulf Coast.  Lynn Meadows Executive Director Cindy DeFrances said, “Yes, it is an annual event for a lot of families. We also have families who come out from out of town. We have a lot of people who come over from New Orleans, Mobile, Hattiesburg, it may become a tradition for them, too.”

For these kids, when it comes to 2019, they are ready to ‘let it go.’ For most, the balloon drop is the main event. “We like to get the balloons.”

But it’s not only the balloons, the kids had the chance to do crafts, karaoke, and dance their way into a new decade, all while learning some new things. “It’s what we do. We love to educate the children in some fun form or fashion. So, of course, the museum is open with all of our regular exhibits which are all educationally driven, but the activities we provide, like today, we are doing clock making, so that’s learning about time.”

If you missed out on the balloon drop, you can always check it out next year!


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