Setting off fireworks: is it legal?


Do you have plans to set off fireworks tomorrow for New Year’s Eve? If so, you might want to listen up. News 25’s Kristen Anzuini tells us where you can and cannot set off fireworks legally.

This New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably hear more than your fair share of fireworks on the Coast. In Biloxi you can buy fireworks, but you can’t set them off in the city. In Harrison County, the only place you can set fireworks off is the beach. Sand Beach Department Director Chuck Loftis said, “You can light off fireworks anywhere on along the 26 miles of beach you have in Harrison County, that’s from Henderson Point all the way to Biloxi on the beach.”

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So if you are near the beach this New Year’s Eve, you’ll be hearing more than just the sounds of waves, you’ll also be hearing the loud pops of fireworks. This is the only time besides Fourth of July that Harrison County allows fireworks on the beach. “A lot of the cities don’t allow fireworks in the individual city but even though the beach is a part of the city in Gulfport, Biloxi, and Long Beach and Pass Christian it is allowed on the beach because it is a part of Harrison County so we do allow fireworks these two times a year.”

So if you are planning to bring in the New Year on the beach, officials ask that you throw away any trash or firework debris before you leave. “The only thing that we ask is that after you shoot the fireworks is if you would please pick up your trash and put it in one of the garbage cans that we have. Leave it just the way it was when you got there.”

Never use fireworks in conjunction with alcohol consumption. If people in your party are drinking they need to follow the rules for containers on the beach. “No glass containers. You are allowed to have alcohol on the beach. You just cannot have glass containers.”

If you are interested in renting a beach fire pit for New Year’s Eve you’ll want to act fast, officials say there are only a few left.


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