Fitness resolutions for the New Year


The gym is a popular place this time of year as people begin their New Year’s resolutions.

Over at Planet Fitness in Gulfport, the New Year’s rush has already begun and people are signing up for memberships with the goal of staying fit.

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If you’re getting back into a workout routine after some time, remember to set goals and stick to them. Also seeing results is a gradual process so be patient with your routine.

Working out with a friend or group of friends can help keep you motivated and also make the workout experience fun for everyone.

Other lifestyle choices like diet can help your resolution succeed as well. Planet Fitness District Manager Kristye Morton said, “Drink a lot of water. Obviously water is better than Coca-Cola, so drink water. Eat healthier and remember to exercise two to three days a week.”

Planet Fitness in Gulfport opens at 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day so you can even get a workout in as the calendar turns to 2020.


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