Millie’s Movement raises nearly $19K


Christmas is nearly a week away now and one 10-year-old Bay St. Louis girl made sure every child in need wakes up that morning with a gift.

You may remember Millie Brignone, a News 25 Hometown Hero on a mission to band together kids across the Coast by raising money to buy toys for kids in need through Toys for Tots. This year her goal was $10,000.

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Through local fundraising efforts, she far surpassed that goal, filling 18 carts and clearing Target shelves this weekend. “This year we helped about 175 girls in the 10-12 age division, but we filled every slot. We bought like every headphone off the shelves, all the Bluetooth speakers, all the dolls, and everything. It was so much fun. It means a lot to me and it feels great to have more than what I’ve had before.”

‘Millie’s Movement’ raised nearly $19,000 this season. After filling every Toys for Tots need this year, they’re now donating the rest of the money raised to other local charities like CASA.


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