New P.E. equipment donated to Lyman Elementary


Students at Lyman Elementary are getting the chance to have fun in their physical education class with new and innovative equipment thanks to a special donor.

Lyman Elementary was recently invited to attend a conference hosted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. Coach Jennifer Moran and 41 other P.E. teachers from across the state received training and tons of equipment to take back to their schools.

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Lyman received new balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, and other games for the kids.

This conference also gave Coach Moran new practices and games to keep students engaged and make P.E. more fun and effective. “They love it. We actually have kids that never want to play in P.E., never want to participate who now get off the bus ‘Coach, what are we going to do today?” They love it. Not only that, you participate with this equipment at the seminar. It’s kind of fun to become a kid again.”

This donation is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation’s vision of promoting a healthier Mississippi.


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