Harrison County installs GPS technology in vehicle fleet


Harrison County’s vehicle fleet is receiving a technology upgrade.

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors approved the installation of GPS systems in the county’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. With a total of more than 200 units, the vehicle installation phase will soon be completed with only a few cars left to receive the equipment.

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The GPS technology will help with vehicle longevity by sending alerts when routine maintenance is needed and the new technology will help during emergencies. Harrison County Board of Supervisors Public Information Officer Jeff Clark said, “It shows where our fleet is at all times. If we have another weather emergency, weather event, things like that we’ll know where our fleet is and who is in the vehicle. It’s very easy to track them. Also if any of our vehicles were to be stolen immediately we would be able to find it.”

Once the installation is complete, the county will begin installing GPS boxes on pieces of large equipment, like mowers.