Flashing LED stop signs in Long Beach


Four new stop signs are capturing the attention of local drivers in Long Beach.

The four way intersection of Cleveland and Railroad Street is now home to the recently added stop signs each with LED flashing lights.

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It’s the first stop sign drivers approach when traveling from Gulfport on Railroad which city officials say causes a lot of traffic volume and accidents.

Many residents are concerned the new signs will cause a problem for those suffering with epilepsy and migraines.

Jenny Levens with the City of Long Beach says the signs are there to help keep drivers safe. “It’s no different than the police sirens, the ambulance sirens, any of the lights you see on emergency vehicles, the fire department. It’s no different than that. A lot of time it’s missed or we just have severe accidents there. We put them so it’ll catch your attention. It will slow you down. You need to make a stop there. We know they’re bright. We know they’re strobing, but it’s strictly for everybody’s safety.”