D’iberville High students find a way to give back: Jingle Bell 5K


A group of D’Iberville High School students are planning to give back during their upcoming Christmas vacation.

While many high schoolers will spend a majority of their Christmas holiday doing little to nothing, members of the D’Iberville PRIDE Club will host their second annual Jingle Bell 5K.

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When the dismissal bell rang, these students didn’t leave, choosing instead to meet with PRIDE Club, a group of students hoping to better the community they live in. President Eileen Tran said, “So, what we stand for is Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence and what we do is help provide to the students to give back to the school and the community.”

That motivation to give back is what sparked the PRIDE Club’s Jingle Bell 5K, a run aimed at giving back to the United Way of South Mississippi, Feeding America, and the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi.  PRIDE Club member Riley Blethen said, “I think it’s important for the money to stay local because when you see people around your home less fortunate you want to find ways to give back.”

Hoping to spread the goodness around, Tran tells News 25 they plan to donate somewhere new every year. “We just don’t want to put just the money into one organization. We want to spread out and help others in different needs.”

While the United Way of South Mississippi has assisted the Gulf Coast for the past 26 years, they occasionally come across something new, such as a group of teenagers who feel the need to give back. Director of Resource Development Leanna Saucier said, “Nobody’s telling them what to do. No one is ‘volun-told’ to do anything and so they come up with what they’re going to do. They get to choose who they’re going to help and we’re really honored that they chose the United Way of South Mississippi as one of the charities to benefit from the Jingle Bell run this year.”

The run takes place on Saturday, December 21st at 9 a.m. at the North Woolmarket Community Center. You can visit DHS PRIDE Club’s Facebook page for more information and a link to Event Brite to sign up.