12/05 Ryan’s “Subtle Changes” Thursday Evening Forecast


The last few days have been largely consistent, but subtle changes are starting to become more noticeable. Today, cloud cover was more prevalent, but still thin and didn’t do much to keep the sun away. This change will continue overnight, so by sunrise tomorrow expect at least “broken” skies and rain won’t be far away.

An weak area of low pressure will be passing directly overhead tomorrow afternoon, but rain could begin as early as noon.

Severe weather and significant rainfall chances with this system are low. After that front passes by, another low will begin to develop in its wake. This will keep decent cloud cover and humid air in the area for a little longer. Expect the generally warmer, more humid weather to continue until next Tuesday when a stronger front moves in. We’ll see a few more thunderstorms with that one, and it’ll leave considerably cooler and drier air behind.


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