World Interact Week


While today is Election Day, this week is known as ‘World Interact Week’ and the Interact Club at Harrison Central High received high praise by the Rotary Club in Gulfport.

Interact students assist the rotary with numerous ‘service above self’ community projects every year, including Christmas shopping for kids, blood drives, beach cleanups, breast cancer awareness projects, and much more.

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Club members Sabrina Medlock and Seth Nguyen tell News 25 what it means to the Interact Club to continue to do good deeds within the community. “Knowing my impact has helped so many people with in the three years I have been here. It’s been really nice.” “So, being a part of something so big, I didn’t know personally that it was 30 years in the running.  It’s a really good feeling.”

Medlock plans to incorporate her donation drive ‘Project Simply Kindness” into the club, a drive helping those around the world in need.


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