Family dog rescued from house fire in Ocean Springs


A heartwarming story of survival and resilience that could have ended a lot differently if it wasn’t for one phone call. An Ocean Springs family loses their home and all of their belongings, but their German Shepard, Bob, is rescued just in time.

From the outside, this Ocean Springs house looks like any other on the street, but from the inside you can see the devastation that was left behind by a fire last month.  Homeowner Samantha Betterton said, “We were having a lazy Saturday morning. I was traveling, just going through the city doing my errands. I got a phone call from ADT saying there had been a smoke alarm go off in my house. I was pretty convinced that my husband was home and he hadn’t left yet. So, I have him a call and he was, in fact, not home.”

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No one in the family was home when this fire started except their beloved family dog, Bob. The homeowners say they would not have known about the fire burning in their house if they didn’t receive a call from an ADT security company employee.

After that call, one of the homeowners rushed to the house to save their dog and started putting out the fire on his own until the Ocean Springs Fire Department arrived. “Well, our dog is almost 12-years-old and our time is already limited with him. I couldn’t imagine his life being cut short and losing him this way.”

The ADT dispatcher Katie Whaley flew down to Ocean Springs from Knoxville, Tennessee and met the dog whose life she saved. “It’s like, ‘wow, this is amazing.’ I helped do this.”

It’s believed this fire was started due to an electrical issue. The family is staying in a rental house while their home is being repaired.