Biloxi family to appear on ‘Family Feud’ Tuesday


Tomorrow night you will be able to catch some Biloxi natives on national television in a head-to-head competition.

It was a once in the lifetime Hollywood experience for one local family, as they had the chance to compete on ‘Family Feud.’ Contestant Charles Summers said, “Being with the family, being able to enjoy and laugh, get mad at each other, all that stuff, it is good.”

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To this family, being on ‘Family Feud’ was about so much more than just competing, they did it as a way to honor their late father, Donald Gibson. Contestant Damita Summers said, “He would definitely be proud and be cheesing, as long as we know, when you look at daddy and he has all of his teeth showing, then we made him proud. We did a good job. That was the biggest thing, to represent the Gibson name.”

The process to get on ‘Family Feud’ is not a short one. It took this family almost a year from the time they applied to the day they filmed the show. Contestant Jacinta Heidelberg said, “I applied. Months later, we got the audition. Months later, we got another email asking if this date is okay or if this date was okay. Months later, they flew us out. It was a long process.”

If you think your family has what it takes to be on the show, the Gibson family has this advice: “Just do it. Don’t say ‘I don’t think we will make it,’ just do it. Be yourself. At the audition, I think what won us was that we didn’t come dressed up in matching outfits. We didn’t have Steve Harvey on our shirts or anything, we were just ourselves.”

To find out how the Gibson’s did on ‘Family Feud’, you can tune in Tuesday at 5:30 on WXXV FOX.


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