WWXV Student Athlete of the Week: St. Stanislaus WR Dallas Payne


It was a bit of a shock when Moss Point upset St. Stanislaus two weeks ago in the region 8 4A opener. The Rock-A-Chaws got things back on track last week, taking down the Bay High Tigers 42-35.

A key component in that win was St. Stanislaus Wide Receiver Dallas Payne, who happens to be our ‘WXXV Student Athlete of the Week.’

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While it’s hard to call any October game a ‘must win,’ last weekend’s matchup versus Bay High was as close as you could get for the Rock-A-Chaws. St. Stanislaus Wide Receiver Dallas Payne said, “It was like a confidence booster. We had to get our confidence back with this win. We knew we had to go in. They were like 5-1, and we knew this was a team we could beat.”

It would be fair to say that senior receiver Dallas Payne was the focal point of the Stanislaus offense, catching 15 passes for 170 yards and two scores.

A performance like that isn’t common, but if you ask Dallas he was just out there playing football. “I was just catching passes and stuff, and getting yards and doing good and after the game they were like, ‘oh yeah you had 15,’ and I was like whoa, from where? I just don’t know that I’m in the zone, like it just happens and I just go and flow with it.”

It also doesn’t hurt to have a quarterback with a certain last name throwing you passes. “He has like a natural arm. I guess it’s something with the last name. They all can throw. He helps me out a lot. He puts the ball where I can go get it. We have our tendencies, what we like, and he knows that he can rely on me to make a play and he just puts it up in the air for me.”

Now go ahead and ask Max Favre if Payne’s 6’4” frame and ability makes him job easier. “I’d say a lot easier. It’s not that many people down here, like if it’s just one on one, you just throw it up. That’s all you gotta do. He’s a big body. He’ll go up and get it.”

Favre and Payne will look to keep their offense hot as the Rock-A-Chaws host South Plaquemines High School out of Louisiana this Friday night for their last non-district game of the season.


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