Economical development in the City of Diamondhead


Big plans are in the works for the City of Diamondhead as Mayor Tommy Schaefer tells News 25 he looks to embrace change.

Mayor Schaefer stopped by News 25 this morning to discuss the demand for residential housing and other economical developments. He also discussed the Beau View Street development near a golf course in the city.

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Mayor Schaefer talked about the positive impact of what the new housing developments can do for the city, drawing more people and revenue into Diamondhead. “Our sales tax diversions are up. Our value of a mil is almost 50 percent in the last six years. So, we are seeing more people participating. We are seeing more people shopping locally. You may be familiar with what’s called a retail leakage report, well, food and beverage, Diamondhead is about 130 percent.”

Mayor Schaefer tells News 25 when he started the monthly sales tax diversions were about $35,000 a month. Now it’s pushing $50,000 a month.