Remembering Clark and Amelda Levi


Community members in Ocean Springs are mourning the loss of two well-known residents known for their historic business.

Employees of Lovelace Drugs in Downtown Ocean Springs are working with heavy hearts following the loss of owner Clark Levi and his wife Amelda.

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According to Ocean Springs Police, the couple died after their car hit a tree at Shearwater Drive near Hudson Road in Ocean Springs shortly after 8:35 on Thursday night. They were both 46-years-old.

Lovelace Pharmacist John Read says the news is hard to process. “In this store, we’re still in a kind of state of shock. We have lost something that cannot be replaced. We’re all hurting, but we’re going to go.”

Read recalls the Levi’s were known for treating everyone in the community with warmth. “Clark was just, he was just a friendly person. Now, his wife was always very gracious, very, very special lady also.”

Cynthia Sutton with the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce remembers the presence they had as members of the Downtown Ocean Springs community. “They were amazing people in the community, a big part of the Ocean Springs community just as individuals and as business owners.”

As for Lovelace Drugs, a business Clark Levi restored from floor to ceiling just two years ago, the plan is to continue running the store the way the couple envisioned it. “His main concern was trying to provide a pharmacy for these people downtown, the seniors and this, that, and the other, and that’s one reason this store exists, so we’re doing everything we can to carry on his legacy here today and into the future.”

But for now, the focus is providing support to Clark and Amelda’s family. “Just prayers for the family. His mother and father and her mother and father and the children.”


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