Country Cruisin’ Breakfast


This morning, the Long Beach Yacht Club made sure Cruisers didn’t start their day on an empty stomach, but for them and the Cruisers it goes far past just the grits and eggs.

Cars on classic cars rode into the Long Beach Yacht Club for day one of their annual ‘Country Cruisin’ Breakfast,’ including the Dorans who rode into the breakfast in their 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air. Brenda Doran said, “We come to ‘Country Cruisin’ Breakfast’ every year Thursday, Friday, Saturday.”

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They have been coming to ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ since its start in 1996 and don’t mind sharing their ‘Cruisin’ story. “We were just cruising in Mississippi from Louisiana and we saw the cars in Jones Park. We pulled over, looked at all the cars, listened to what was going on, and went home and bought a car and been coming with a car ever since.” “Now, we have 17 of them!”

Of course, Cruisers come to show off their classic cars and to eat the delicious breakfast, but some say that they come to start their day off right and to take in the beautiful Gulf Coast sunrises. Kay Harvey and Greg Trescott don’t own a classic car, but made the trip from Atlanta to the Coast. “We love coming to ‘Cruisin.’ We have come for the past 15 years and we have come every time they have this breakfast. It’s so wonderful.”

“It is a great way to start the day and it’s just gorgeous out here, looking over the water with that sun coming up over it.”

Country breakfast Cruisers are the reason the Long Beach Yacht Club members wake up before the sun year Thursday through Saturday to cook the eggs and butter the biscuits in the 700 plus breakfasts they serve.  Yacht Club member Julie Noble said, “We love meeting all of the Cruisers, seeing their cars. We have a lot of repeat customers that come year after year after year. We just love meeting everybody and welcoming them to the Coast.”