Pass Christian’s Dustin Allison Leads State in Passing Yards


Friday’s News 25 game of the week is a two-fold comeback story featuring Pass Christian and Bay High, who have already combined for seven more wins than they had, all of last year just six weeks into the season. Pirates senior quarterback Dustin Allison leads the entire state in passing yards heading into district play.

Under first-year head coach Blake Pennock, who’s already turned last year’s mark of 1-9 into a distant memory better known as 4-2. “I don’t necessarily know if anything was a surprise. I expected us to play a certain type of way, and I mean you’re seeing the fruits of it right now.”

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Equally as impressive is Bay High’s turnaround from 1-9 to 5-0, setting the stage for one of the most important games in Region 6 class 4A this season. “I think it’s really neat. Two rivals that have kind of fallen on hard times in the past but it’s a really exciting time right now. We get to lead off district play with them and I know our guys are ready for it.”

Games of this magnitude have been a long time coming for fourth-year starting quarterback Dustin Allison, who currently leads all of Mississippi with exactly 1,800 yards passing, good for an average of 300 per game. “Oh, it’s all about timing. Like I’m expecting my receivers to be in a certain spot at that time. And if they’re not there, then it messes up the play but they’ve been doing a good job doing it this whole year so far,” says Allison.

Coach Pennock says “What he’s done. What he’s done is a really good job of in the spring and the summer and through the fall has taken control of the offense and done a really good job as far as knowing where the ball goes and when I say he has to make a lot of decisions, he has to make two and three decisions every snap.

“A lot of those decisions, pre- and post-snap, have obviously been the right ones. But whether or not he stays on top of the passing charts all season comes second to the first number in the win-loss column.”

“It feels good to get those wins back and let people know that last year is last year and we’re just a different team again this year. I just go out there and do what I do on Friday nights and just let these stats take care of themselves.”

The Pirates and the visiting Tigers will kick things off from Pass Christian at  7 p.m. on Friday.


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