WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Biloxi Running back K.K. Kendrick


Excitement surrounds the Biloxi High School football team as they’re 4-0 for the first time in ten seasons. Last Friday night, the Indians rolled to a 31-14 victory at Stone High School without their starting quarterback.

Biloxi shifted a majority of their offense to the ground and one running back in particular showcased his talent.

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Losing a player to injury is always difficult, now if that player is your starting quarterback, well that can be a problem.

Biloxi lost their starting quarterback Tristian Pearson to a broken collarbone, which could sideline the signal caller for six to eight weeks. Running back K.K. Kendrick said, “When he got hurt I was like ‘come on TP, what happened man?” and he was like ‘my collarbone,’ and I was like ‘come on, man, we need you.’ So, when he got hurt, it hurt the team a little bit.”

While some teams may crumble under that pressure, the Indians stayed on track with their victory over Stone. Leading the charge was junior running back K.K. Kendrick, who ran for 250 yards on just 19 carries. He found the end zone, not once, not twice, nope not three, times, but four times all in the first half. “I just knew I had to take over and I had to help my team get where we had to go. It was like a little Madden zone. I was like Saquon. I was just out there running and I just went off.”

Being out there ‘just running’ seems to be the best way to describe the talented back. Biloxi Head Coach Katlan French said, “We just call K.K. a runner. That’s one way we identify him because he just runs. I mean, sometimes he’ll miss the hole, sometimes he doesn’t go exactly where you want him to go, but what you can depend on with K.K., of course he’s gotten a lot better at it, he’s become a great running back for us, but what you can depend on him to do is run very, very hard.”

Kendrick’s style of running has helped Biloxi enter the discussion for being a top team on the Coast, already matching last season’s win total. What does Kendrick say about the vibe in the locker room and how they’re feeling as they push into district play? “It’s hype. It’s full of energy. Everybody, we pretty sure we got it, we know we got it. So, it’s in the bag.”

On Friday night, in one of the Coast’s biggest games of the week, Biloxi will welcome Jaden Walley and the D’Iberville warriors.