Operation Clear the Track


If you have plans to drive anywhere in Gulfport today, you may want to use a little more caution at the city’s railroad crossings.

Gulfport police are set up at the rail-crossing on 17th Street giving out railroad safety cards and information to drivers and pedestrians.

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The department is taking part in a nationwide railroad crossing safety initiative called ‘Operation Clear the Track’ as part of ‘Rail Safety Week.’

This is all geared toward raising railroad crossing safety and awareness with the overall goal of saving lives.  Sgt. James Griffin said, “We want the public to be aware that when the lights are on and the arms are down as well as when flagmen are out directing traffic, you are to abide by the law until the train passes or you are clear to go by. There have been fatalities around railroad crossings and most of it is due to inattention.”

Police will also be parked and keeping a close eye out for drivers who disregard and violate railroad crossing laws at various railroad crossings throughout the city the rest of this week. They will be issuing tickets and warnings to violators.


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