MGCCC and Mississippi University for Women degree pathways partnership


Big news coming from both the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the Mississippi University for Women.

Both institutions signed a memorandum of understanding for new bachelor’s degree pathways. This allows students with certain degree concentrations to transfer up to 90 credit hours to the MUW from MGCCC.

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MGCCC President Mary Graham and MUW President Nora Miller tell News 25 about the impact this will have on students in the state furthering their education. “It’s an amazing opportunity because in the career tech field, most of our students are going to go to the workplace. So, this will give them the opportunity to stay here, continue to work,” said Graham.

Miller said, “They are able to work and stay in their community. They live here, keep their jobs, and can be able to work online to complete their degree. We are giving them a huge step up.”

MGCCC students can transfer up to 90 hours of credit to MUW degree areas like business administration, early childhood education, culinary management, and registered nurse to advance placement options.


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