Judge rules in favor of Moss Point Mayor Mario King


A Jackson County judge has ruled in favor of Moss Point Mayor Mario King’s restraining order against a city alderman.

The mayor filed the temporary restraining order today against Alderman Sherwood Bradford. The injunction states that Bradford is ‘enjoined from engaging in any activities other than what the law requires, and the law requires that Alderman Bradford have no authority to become involved in the day-to-day functioning of municipal departments, but rather entitled to act as an advisor to the board as a whole.”

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News 25 spoke with Mayor King. Here’s what he had to say: “There are several incidents over the course of this two years, as I said in court today, have become intolerable. This is not anything new to our board members or to Alderman Bradford. The judge was pretty firm though. He did tell Alderman Bradford that he needs to follow the law and that if the law was broken he would be put in jail. I’m just prayerful that this is a good opportunity for us because we do have a little under two years to do good things for the community.”

A court date to settle the matter is scheduled for October 8th.


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