Gulfport PD reminding community of ‘Move over Law’


With recent accidents involving officers lately in mind, Gulfport Police Department wants to remind everyone of the ‘move over’ law in Mississippi.

It is the law in Mississippi and nearly every state in the U.S. that you must move over if you see a responder on the side of the road with their flashing lights on. Four officers were hit while working crashes in less than a week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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In an effort to try and combat some of these accidents, Gulfport police will be ramping up their presence on Interstate 10 where they see the majority of these accidents.

From 2007 to 2017 of the 1,600 plus officers killed in the line of duty more than one-third were killed in traffic accidents.

Violators who fail to slow down or move over can be fined, but for Gulfport Police this goes beyond fines. Sgt. James Griffin said, “In that case that you get pulled over, the violator will receive a fine of a minimum of $250 up to $1000, but the monetary value is really not important what we are trying to do is modify the behavior. We want the public to be aware of the law and that it is the law to move over.”

They say it all comes down to paying attention to the road and next time you see those flashing lights, ‘Move over. It’s the law.’


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