Mississippi Department of Education releases 2018/2019 Accountability Grades


Schools across the Coast are celebrating today after the Mississippi Department of Education released the performance level grades from the 2018-2019 school year.

It appears that hard work can actually pay off. Nine Coast school-districts received ‘A’ ratings from the Mississippi Department of Education’s Accountability Grades for the 2018-2019 school year. Ranked second in the entire state is Ocean Springs School District, which includes Ocean Springs High School who has been rated the top high school in the state.

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For the Harrison County School District, this is the first time in their history that they’ve received an ‘A’ rating. West Harrison High School was the highest graded high school in the district, as well as the third highest in the state. English teacher Caitlin Holley said, “We are so proud. Everybody at the school who worked so hard together, this is just probably one of the best recognitions we can get. We are just so proud of it.”

Also receiving an ‘A’ rating is the Jackson County School District, who missed an ‘A’ rating two years ago by just six points.  Jackson County Superintendent Dr. Barry Amacker said, “We thought we had it last year, but, so that was disappointing. So, we were not going to be denied this year. So, we’re excited about it.”

Out of the nine Coast school districts, the Bay-Waveland School District took the largest leap in the entire state. The district was the only one in Mississippi to improve from a ‘C’ rating to an ‘A’ rating. Bay-Waveland Curriculum Manager Nicole Menotti said, “We put a lot of focus on our students who were underperforming or struggling learners, what the state calls ‘our lowest performing.’ So, we did a lot of intervention with those students and those students grew tremendously.”

Across all districts there is one common theme on who is responsible for the good work. Holley said, “I’m just so happy to hear what recognition the kids are going to get because of how hard they had to work.”

Dr. Amacker said, “Without the kids making the right bubble or clicking the right button, we’re sunk. So, they do a great job and they have to hang in there to do that because it’s quite rigorous in a lot of ways, enduring sometimes.”

Menotti said, “We’re just, we are tremendously proud of the effort and the dedication of our students.”


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