Senator Wicker visits Gulfport High School


Two-hundred and thirty-two years ago tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of our government. Ahead of Constitution Day, one Mississippi senator decided to educate some local high school students on the importance of government.

Having the attention of a room full of high school students can be difficult, but Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker was sure to have all eyes on him Monday afternoon at Gulfport High School. “I’m here one day before Constitution Day to celebrate the importance, the profound difference this constitution makes in our individual lives.”

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Adopted on September 17th, 1787, the United States Constitution provided the framework for the federal government. Senator Wicker says that he feels a duty to educate students on the constitution and the government, as many other countries don’t have the same freedoms as the United States. “We take freedom of speech and freedom of the press for granted. We also take it for granted that our president is in charge of the military, not the other way around. So, many of the concepts that we had here around the globe was started by the Founding Fathers in 1787.”

Wicker spoke with students from history and government classes, all who have a real interest in politics.  Junior Kevin Thai was excited about the opportunity to hear from a real politician. “It feels really artificial when you’re just combing documents from 200 years ago, but seeing the people that actually write the newer versions of the documents, it’s really eye opening.”

While Thai doesn’t necessarily aspire to be a politician, he understands that importance of political knowledge. “I think the best thing that people like me and others kids can aspire for is just be educated in politics, making the right decision is by far the most important thing that an average citizen can do.”


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