Arrests made in connection with two shootings in Jackson County


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has announced the arrest of seven people, including four juveniles for two separate shootings believed to be connected.

Sheriff Mike Ezell says on the night of September 8th, gunshots were fired into a home in the St. Andrew’s Community. Police arrested 19-year-old Jakob Segan, 18-year-old Jy’Terrian Agee, 15-year-old Justin McNair, and 14-year-old Daniel Bolton, all charged with shooting into a dwelling in both the county and city.

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The second shooting occurred on the same night in Ocean Springs, where police arrested 18-year-old Seth Mears, 17-year-old Braden Pavlik, and 16-year-old D’Vonte McDonald. Those three have been charged with drive-by shooting.

Ocean Springs police are currently looking for a fourth suspect.