Seabee Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony


Today, a number of service members at the Seabee Base in Gulfport were promoted and recognized for their service.

It’s a long and challenging process, but the anchors are definitely worth it. Thirty-two service members from various commands at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport received their anchor pins today with a pinning ceremony, signifying their elevation to the rank of chief petty officer. Chief Petty Officer Joshua Clower said, “It was amazing. There were so many people that showed up. They were standing in the aisles supporting us.”

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Clower is one of the new chiefs at the Seabee Base. He says there are certain leadership qualities expected as chief. “They look for that confidence. So, when they’re giving an answer they know, wholeheartedly, that yes, that’s it. Then that confidence gives that trust that you know that they’re going to do the job.”

To reach the rank of chief petty officer, service members are selected by a board of chiefs. They participate in a six-week training period called ‘initiation.’

Clower’s mother, Christine, says family support is important as her son and others go through the transition to the new rank. “It’s huge. It’s huge because there are certain aspects of their life that they need, they need people to step up and take care of because they’re not able to do it because they’re out protecting us.”

With the new title comes more responsibility and job duties, but Clower’s girlfriend Chloe Scott is there for support. “That kind of comes with the territory anyhow. So, just him having to take that seriously and me having to support that and that’s perfectly fine with me.”

“The six weeks were rigorous. There was not a lot of time spent at home. There was a lot of time spent away from families and without their support throughout the entire process, they contributed to it a lot.”


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