Naval Construction Battalion Center remembers those lost on September 11th


It has been 18 years since those series of four terrorist attacks changed our country forever. For military and first responders it can hit close to home.

This morning for the third year at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, dozens of people gathered to climb five flights of stairs 14 times to signify those 110 flights of stairs in the Twin Towers.

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Honoring those firefighters and other first responders who climbed those stairs to help with rescue efforts, not knowing if they would return to the ground.

One fireman at the base, Demetrius Baldwin, even felt it was necessary to climb in his uniform for a special honor.  “I also felt that it would be a sort of great idea because this time, seven years ago, I was doing the stair climb in Kuwait along with some of my brothers. Just as a shout out to the 209 Special Operations Civil Engineers Squadron who are deployed right now, this one’s for you.”

These men and women who climbed today said they wanted to show honor to those lives lost and all those Americans who showed tremendous valor and courage that September 11th.


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