STEAM Night at Popp’s Ferry Elementary


While most students will be spending their afternoons watching TV or playing video games, students at Popp’s Ferry Elementary are spending their afternoons learning.

The Biloxi school hosted their annual STEAM Night, giving students the opportunity to explore science and other subjects.

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Learning can sometimes be fun and students at Popp’s Ferry Elementary are discovering just that. Mississippi State Associate Research Professor Christine Coker said, “We do these kinds of activities. We’re thinking not outside of the box, but outside of the book. We’re really hands on, experimental learning, and kids really get an opportunity to pull out their creative side.”

Popp’s Ferry hosted their annual STEAM Night, which allows for students and parents to dive into activities revolved around science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Teachers and representatives from Mississippi State were on hand to engage with students interested in learning. “Kids may not necessarily remember what they learn in the classroom, but they’ll remember the experience that they had and they’ll take that with them.”

There was plenty to experience! From foil boats to 3D art to making bracelets, some of the kids tell News 25 what their favorite activity was. “I don’t know, but it’s just so fun because it’s arts and crafts. I love to do arts and crafts.”

Popp’s Ferry Principal Todd Boucher said, “They really look forward to this event. Probably the students more than the parents, trying to get them to come here. They’re trying to drag their parents here more than the students are getting dragged here by their parents, but it is really just a great opportunity.”

Who knows, we could be look at the next Da Vinci.


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