MGCCC State of the College Address


Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College held their State of the College address this morning to go over all things MGCCC.

The bulk of this morning’s program highlighted their 2020 strategic plan. That plan includes enrollment management, festivals and events, partnerships with universities, transfer scholarships, apprenticeships, and their overall growth.

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They also gave an opportunity for those in the audience to voice what they were doing right and where they saw MGCCC needs improvement.

One thing MGCCC President Dr. Mary Graham spoke about is how they are working hard towards changing the stigma about a community college education.

“Perception is everything. We want everyone to know that Gulf Coast Community College is a first choice for their students. No student debt, lots of opportunity for scholarships, and an amazing opportunity for transfer scholarship. I would tell a high school senior to make sure that they look at all of the opportunities in front of them and look at Gulf Coast Community College.”

During the program they also shared statistics like athletic graduation rate being 97 percent and high school student enrollment being up 481 percent since 2010.