Gautier resident raises concern about raw sewage issues


‘Raw sewage:’ the phrase alone is unpleasant to the ear, but what about having it flow into a bayou near your home? One Gautier residents says that is exactly what’s happened in his area for what he says has been a while.

“We need to have 100 percent transparency in our government when it comes to our public health and our public safety.”

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Gautier resident Jerry Brow is talking about manholes spewing raw sewage into a public waterway just around the corner from his home on Graveline Road. “I could hear gushing water coming from the ditch. So, I got off my bike and walked over and it was coming out of that manhole on both sides, on those two round holes. It’s just gushing out and by the time I went back to get my camera on my phone it was still gushing and that was probably 30 to 40 minutes. I went down the street and there’s another manhole where it was gushing out. There’s another manhole up there it was gushing out. This had to have been going on by the time I called to see if anyone’s coming out about an hour.”

News 25 reached out to Clearwater Solutions Project and they released this statement: “While we take all such incidents seriously, this was a relatively minor spill of about 2,000 gallons of untreated sewage, caused by the failure of a pump in a lift station. The police station called our project manager, Russell Davis, at about 6:54 p.m., and he dispatched our sewer operator immediately. The repairs took less than an hour and the lift station was back in operation. We cleared the immediate area with a vacuum truck and treated it with chlorine and lime. All the proper protocols were followed and the proper agencies were notified, including the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. We appreciate the fact that a citizen noticed and reported the spill. The public can serve as our eyes and ears when such things happen.”

“I went to follow up with DEQ. No one had been informed. I contacted MEMA, no one had reported it. The other night came out here again on my bike and ran into people fishing and they had no clue.”

Brow says he’s only sounding the alarm for the safety of his entire community and that hopefully this won’t be a recurring issue anywhere. “It’s not just in this area. I’m finding out these government municipalities have allowed these types of things, these types of transactions, these types of activities, discharges to occur more than they’re reporting.”