Journeying back to heart health


One businessman known for his restaurants across South Mississippi and the Coast is sharing his story with others following recent quadruple bypass surgery.

This past month has been a rollercoaster for one Mississippi businessman. Ron Savell is known across South Mississippi as the owner of the Patio 44 and Mugshots restaurant franchises.

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Adopted as a child, Savell didn’t know much about his health history, but as he found his birth parents and learned more, he decided to get checked out. “Over the years, I have found my birth parents and off the news they gave me, it led me to start testing for some other stuff and eventually I got to the heart,” he said. “At first I got good news about my heart and after finding out more family history, it led me to go back and once I did we got the bad news that I needed my bypass.”

Doctors noticed a spot on Savell’s heart following tests he underwent earlier in the summer. On August 9th, he received word that he would have to undergo quadruple bypass surgery to fix blockages in his heart. “It’s scary, there’s one thing you don’t want to mess with and that’s your heart.”

The 43-year-old husband and father of four had the successful surgery on August 16th and following four days of recovery in the hospital is now getting back on his feet.

Savell shared his story and the importance of heart health with Mississippi Power employees as they gear up for their heart walk in late September.

Mississippi Power President Anthony Wilson said, “He’s really passionate about the message, about heart disease, and how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.”

For Savell, the diagnosis came as a surprise. “I eat good. I drink water. Every healthy habit I could think of,  I’m not a health nut, but I thought I was healthy as I could be. I had no worry, anxiety going to those appointments and getting those tests done.”

That’s why Savell now stresses the importance of regular checkups. “Just get out there and test, even if you’re not having symptoms, go get a physical. If you’re winded, you need to find out why, don’t just brush it off. I was the typical male. If I ever had something I’d probably brush it off too, but I never had those to brush off, but get yourself checked out.”