How to foster shelter pets


It’s hard not to adopt every fur baby we see in an animal shelter, but for many of us, adoption just isn’t in the cards right now.

“It’s rewarding. You’re saving a life or many lives.” And sometimes, it’s the animal that ends up saving you. Jackson County Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette is talking about fostering shelter pets. “Fostering is amazing. It helps create space for new animals and you can network the animals and help them find homes and they just come up here and adopt.”

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Between 400 and 500 cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies arrive at the Jackson County Animal Shelter each month. Though adoption is the goal, Mallette says fostering is an excellent alternative and it’s simple to get started. “The best thing to do is to come up to the shelter and talk to me. I’m the adoption coordinator and the foster coordinator. You come see me. I find out what you’re able to foster: dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, older seniors. You have to keep them inside and you have to have a fenced in yard, that kind of stuff like that. We just need to talk to you to see what you’re able to do.”

The animal shelter helps pet foster parents.  “When you foster you’re giving them a place to crash. We will provide you with medication if they’re sick. We will provide you with food if you need it and any medical care if it gets sick. You bring it up here and we have a vet on staff. All you have do it spend your gas money and give them a place to crash.”

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