Pedestrian and Tram Bridge vision for Hwy 90


A new walkway above Highway 90 in Gulfport will allow for safe and easy access to Gulfport’s newest attraction: the aquarium.

This video put together by the architects behind the project, Eley Guild Hardy, brings this project to life. Coast Transit Authority is behind building this pedestrian and tram bridge which will connect Jones Park to the new aquarium.

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There will be multiple paths for people to walk or bike as well as an electric tram.

CTA is currently working with the City of Gulfport to get the remaining funds for this $10 million project. They currently have $3.25 million available.  CTA Director Kevin Coggin said, “It gives people quick, easy, and safe access across Highway 90 where they don’t have it now. It’s also elevated so you are going to have a view and the bridge itself is very appealing. So, all of it in conjunction, the aquarium and the three CTA facilities working together to complement each other. People are really going to have a nice experience when they go down there.”

This project also includes a renovation of the old library in that area as their new transit center, giving aquarium goers a chance to ride a CTA bus to their destination.

CTA says if everything goes smoothly they hope to have the project complete by the summer of 2021.


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