D’Iberville QB committed to Mississippi State


When it comes to the college football recruitment process, it is impossible to please everyone. D’Iberville quarterback Jaden Walley didn’t really try to, making his Division I commitment just one week into his senior season.

Today, Walley gave his unwavering pledge to Mississippi State, despite having every opportunity to go somewhere else.

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Torn between two different futures, Jaden Walley is picking the one that keeps his legacy right here in Mississippi. “It’s been a long process. I’ve been looking between Auburn and Mississippi State. And last night me and my family were talking about it, and I just felt that it was right for me to go to Mississippi State and that’s where home was to me.”

Walley says he visited Starkville for the first time last year and then really fell in love with the prospect of becoming a Bulldog this summer, but tipping the scales in favor of MSU for good was ultimately Head Coach Joe Moorhead’s unlimited talk and text plan. “The way Coach Moorhead and his staff contacted me and stayed with me. Every day I got a text message from them, telling me to have a good day. Giving me positive messages and it really stood out to me a lot. And I really like that about them.”

As for what they like about him, well, a lot of stuff. According to 24/7 Sports, Walley is listed as a three-star athlete, making him the state’s second best recruit from the Gulf Coast, 17th overall in the class of 2020. In fact, he’s so talented the D’Iberville quarterback will be a slot receiver at Mississippi State. Head Coach Larry Dolan said, “The great players find a way to turn it on on Friday night and be a little bit special and I’ve only experienced one Friday night with him, and he’s definitely an electric player. And we’re looking for great things and he’s still not his best yet, but we’re all going to get there together. But he’s a good kid and boy I’ll tell you, whoever gets him — Mississippi State or whoever — they’ve got a great player coming.”

Despite having 13 Division I offers on the table, Walley says he’s 100 percent committed to MSU. Because most of those options didn’t give him the option to be Mississippi made in the SEC.

“It felt right because I feel like home and I know it’s home because it’s Mississippi and I feel like I need to represent my state, and help put my state on the map before anything that might come from my state.”

The Warriors are coming off a 24-0 shutout win over Jefferson Davis County in week one, joining St. Stanislaus as the only other Coast team to pitch a shutout on Friday.

This week, D’Iberville is heading to Picayune for a huge week two showdown against the Maroon Tide.