City of Waveland cuts ribbon on new town green


The City of Waveland has been working to rebuild ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated the community 14 years ago.

Today was a sign of progress for the city as they cut the ribbon to their brand new town green. This new park features a beautiful Fleur de Lis fountain, a gazebo, and, of course, plenty of green space.

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City officials say they hope this area will become a place that the community can gather and grow together. Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said, “Knowing that we were totally devastated and I don’t know if people understand the concept, we were totally devastated. Ninety-five percent of our homes were inhabitable. One day it was fine, the next day it was gone. It’s hard to recover from that. For us, with FEMA elevation restrictions and such, we are overcoming that at a good rate. So, I am very pleased to be the mayor of this town.”

The new town green is located on Coleman Avenue right next to the Ground Zero Museum.