Southern Miss state’s first major university to sell alcohol at football games


During the four years Jeremy McClain was the athletic director at Troy, the university sold alcohol at football games.

Now that he’s back at Southern Miss serving in the same capacity, USM is prepared to join the club as soon as this season.

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On Monday, Southern Miss was the state’s first major university to break the mold, allowing for the sale of beer and light wine to the general public.

By law, USM is considered a dry campus, even for students or patrons over the age of 21. Southern Miss is able to circumvent that rule at MM Roberts Stadium with an exception known as ‘resort status.’

That makes USM one of about 60 schools nationwide to offer such a game day experience, starting September 28th at UTEP.

McClain was in Biloxi yesterday where he tells News 25 that the response to being on the forefront of this movement has been about 90 percent positive. “To be the first in the state to do it, I think there’s some value in that. I think we wanted to make sure that – and I think there’s a lot of things on our campus that we’re doing different than other people. They probably – some of them don’t get as much attention as this, this year. But I do think that to show that we’re not afraid to step out and lead the way on some things, I think it’s really important. And so for us to step out and get this done and kind of lead the way is really important for us.”

USM will shut off alcohol sales at the end of the third quarter and will now enforce a no re-entry policy.