Fire Station 10 near completion


The new Fire Station 10 on Old Highway 67 in Biloxi is near completion.

Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney gave us a tour of the new station. It’s equipped with a spacious kitchen, designated gym room, multiple bedrooms, and an office for the captain.

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There will only be one truck here once they are up and running, but they have two lanes so they can be ready for possible growth.

That growth can already be seen in the area. There is a subdivision being built next door as well as talks of a park behind the station.

Chief Boney said, “It has really been needed because this area is starting to grow tremendously around here now. We have had to pull trucks from right inside of Woolmarket to come over here and it requires a five- to eight-minute response time for them. So, this will greatly reduce that response time for the citizens that live in this area.”

They expect to be up and running at this location by late October.


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