Hurricane Camille 50th anniversary


It was a storm that will forever be remembered on the Coast as one of the worst to hit our area. It’s been 50 years since Hurricane Camille made landfall.

Harrison County is taking tomorrow to reflect on this landmark anniversary.

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At 8:30 Saturday morning at Evergreen Cemetery they will place flowers at the unclaimed souls who Harrison County took responsibility for after Camille.

Then directly after at the Emergency Operations Center in Gulfport, there will be coffee with NHC Director Ken Graham.

This will also be the location for a chance to speak with some survivors and remember the storm that changed the Coast. Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy said, “We share those memories because a lot of the survivors are perishing and we can reflect back to what went on. We need to instill into history that there are bad storms. There are bad events. We always learn from them and by doing this we will learn something more and we will be better prepared for the next storm.”

There will also be some Hurricane Camille memorabilia on display at the EOC after the flower ceremony.