Attorney Carlos Moore back as co-counsel on Sims case


After withdrawing himself from the case investigating the shooting death of Toussaint ‘Diamon’ Sims, Attorney Carlos Moore has officially rejoined the case.

This comes after Moore withdrew from the case Tuesday morning. Now, Moore is back on the case as co-council. Moore will be assisting Brian Dunn, a managing partner for the Cochran Firm out of Los Angeles.

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Moore has been outspoken throughout the week on his desire to see the body-cam footage from Thursday night’s officer-involved shooting in Moss Point.  On Monday, Moore said, “Show the video, my bags are packed. If the video shows that he killed somebody or tried to kill somebody or brandished a gun, I’ll pack my bags and get on back to Grenada so fast, but otherwise I have no choice, but to believe those eight eyewitnesses that saw this murder.”

Then on Tuesday, he said, “I am hereby announcing that I am withdrawing from the case. I cannot do my job and make an independent assessment without all of the evidence. I have spoken to several eyewitnesses to make a fair assessment. I have to have the video and without the video I do not know the totality of what happened on that night.”

Today, Moore said, “I spoke with my partner in Los Angeles and we reviewed the evidence thus far and we also reviewed Mr. Taylor’s description of what is on the video. We felt based on the eyewitness testimony and his description of what he saw on the camera footage that this still is an unjustified shooting and that the Sims family deserves justice.”

We will continue to keep you updated as this story develops.