New statues honor first Diocese of Biloxi Nativity BVM Cathedral


The day is standing still for the new statues at Nativity BVM Cathedral in Biloxi, but not for those who made them happen.

Today marked a step forward in creating Biloxi’s first bishop cemetery to honor the first bishop of the Diocese Bishop Joseph Howze.

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Two beautifully engraved statues of St. Paul and St. Peter now sit outside the cathedral to forever remember his legend.

After a year in the making, the statues have been hand carved in granite and now offer a way for the community to come together. Jeff O’Keefe Jr. with Bradford O’Keefe Funeral Home said, “It’s very nice, the whole set-up with the crucifix in the middle and Peter and Paul on each side. There’s actually benches on each side as well that are being installed now. So, if anyone in the community wants to come reflect or pray, they’ll have the opportunity to do so.”

O’Keefe says this is all thanks to the community and wants to invite everyone to mark their calendars for the formal dedication for the site in November on All Saints Day.