Ocean Springs food truck ordinance update


The new food truck ordinance in Ocean Springs was first set in motion on July 4th and ever since then trucks at the Merchant House lot have been busy.

Currently they have three food trucks up and running and three more set for opening within about two weeks. The ones already up and running are Yeti Confetti Snowballs and Cotton Candy, Charro’s Hot Tamales, and Downtown Meltdown that serves gourmet grilled cheeses.

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They also plan on having some outdoor lighting go up this week. Lot owner Adam Miller says it is going to look like a whole new end of Government Street when they are finished.

There has been some backlash from some local restaurants. “Partnering with the city and working with the city with the new ordinance has its hiccups. It has its concerns from other local merchants, but we have taken a lot of consideration in not stepping on restaurants’ toes and the type of merchants and the type of vendors we are putting in there. So, we don’t see it as an impediment to businesses, we see it as a compliment to the city, a new development in the city that will bring more people in,” said Miller.

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson also released a statement regarding the food trucks. “The addition of food trucks in our city has been a big hit. They provide a unique, fun experience and create wonderful partnerships with other entrepreneurs. As with all permits, we are always working to simplify and streamline our process.”


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