Moss Point Mayor Mario King addresses officer-involved shooting


Moss Point Mayor Mario King held a press conference this morning to comment on last week’s officer-involved shooting.

Twenty-seven year-old Toussaint Diamon Sims was shot and killed last Thursday night following a pursuit by the Moss Point Police Department.

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Moss Point Mayor Mario King addressed the media for the first time since last week’s officer-involved shooting, asking for both sides to remain patient as MBI continues their investigation. “I have a family that I know is hurting. I have a mother that I had to visit who lost a son. I want us to remember, lawyers on both sides, agencies, friends, families, community members, be respectful. Understand that this family has lost a loved one.”

As the investigation continues, Carlos Moore, who is representing the family of the man killed,Toussaint Diamon Sims, is calling on the city of Moss Point to ‘step up.’

Moore is asking for the board of aldermen to hold an emergency meeting, asking city officials to fire Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashley and the officer involved in the shooting. “You have a white individual that has killed a young black man in Moss Point. It’s time for individuals to grow a spine. It’s time for them to get some intestinal fortitude. I have an uncle, but his name is not Tom, the citizens of Moss Point have elected some Uncle Toms and it is time to vote them out of office.”

According to the officer’s attorney, Calvin Taylor, he has seen the body camera footage, which, according to Taylor, shows Sim’s ‘brandishing a weapon.’

However, Moore is unable to comment on the truth of that because he hasn’t been able to watch the footage. “Well, whoever released the video to Calvin Taylor, let me be clear, whoever allowed Calvin Taylor to see that video, I need you to allow me to see it before the end of today, before the close of business. I need to see the video.”

In a phone interview with the officer’s attorney, Taylor made it clear in an officer-involved incident the attorney and the officer have the right to see the video during the investigation and that it can’t be made public until the investigation concludes and the video is turned over to the district attorney’s office.


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