The Shed among best ribs in the country


One of the most popular restaurants in South Mississippi is once again being recognized on the national stage.

According to ‘Men’s Journal Magazine,’ The Shed Barbeque and Blue Joints’ ribs are among the 15 best in the entire country.

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This list includes restaurants in Texas, Missouri, New York, and more. The Shed was the only restaurant listed from Mississippi.

Co-owner Brooke Lewis says they’re honored to be recognized and it is a testament to how hard they work to bring the Coast great food. “Eighteen years this week the Shed has been open. Our crew is phenomenal. They put all of the hard work and dedication into what makes the Shed what it is. When we get a recognition like this latest one with the ‘Men’s Journal’ top 15 ribs in America, it’s just exciting and it’s humbling and it really shows the hard work of our Shed crew here.”

To add to their already expansive menu, The Shed has now added breakfast.