Fitness for all ages at the Y


One organization on the Mississippi Gulf Coast gives people of all ages a space to focus on physical and social wellness.

The dog days of summer are upon us, but there’s one place on the Mississippi Coast that gives people of all ages a place to cool down and focus on staying in shape. One program at the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA in Ocean Springs has fitness classes and events for senior citizens. Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA Community Impact Director Jodi Ryder said, “One of our big populations is our older adults, so we have a program called ‘Active Older Adults.’ That class is ‘Active Adults’ that one’s a little lower intensity for people who may have joint issues or balance issues or anything like that.”

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Along with the general classes and water aerobics in the center’s natatorium, there are specific classes to help those with specific needs. “We have an arthritis class for those with arthritis. We have a Parkinson’s class which is really popular for those with Parkinson’s. We’re looking at getting a few other classes that are really specialized classes to create that fitness opportunity and that sense of community.”

That sense of community is something that people take advantage of as a way to improve social health. “A lot of them hold each other accountable. They spend time together. We have things, our active adults, they take trips together and you don’t have to come to all of these exercise classes necessarily to be a part of that, but they’ll go on trips. They’ll have dinner and movies together here at the Y.”

The YMCA has a one-time join fee of $50 or a monthly rate of $35 for people 63 and older and $49 for couples in that age range. They work to accommodate people of all financial situations through discounts and scholarship programs. “So someone might think maybe they can’t afford the Y, we allow them to fill out that scholarship application and see if maybe they would qualify so we can offer it at a more affordable rate for them to join.”

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