Gulfport schools begin the new school year


It’s that time of the year again for students in the Gulfport School District. School is back.

All 11 schools in the district returned today, officially putting an end to summer break. Over 1,500 students returned to Gulfport High School today as the school prepares for their first school year with new programs.

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Principal Michael Lindsey tells News 25 that they have added a coding course and a partnership with Ingalls Shipbuilding, all in the hopes of giving their students every opportunity possible. “And that’s what we’re all about is making sure that we provide opportunities, not only academically and extracurricularily, but when they leave here they’re prepared whether they want to go to work or the military or college that they have the skill-set to do that. Every year we’re looking for more opportunities to give these kids more real-world problem solving opportunities.”


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