Harrison County School District bus driver training


Before we know it, the kids will be heading off back to school and the morning and afternoon bus rides will come right along with it.

The Harrison County School District wants to remind motorists how to keep the kids safe.

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A room full of Harrison County School District bus drivers raised their hands when asked if a vehicle has ever illegally passed the bus while it was stopped with red lights flashing.

Christopher Flynn has been a bus driver for seven years and has experienced this first-hand. “We were at a bus stop and kids were about to get off the bus and they were about to cross in front and the car came around the bus and just kept going. Never stopped. Never looked up, never paid attention once. It’s nerve-wracking especially when you got kids trying to get off of the bus and you don’t know if the cars are going to come to a complete stop or not.”

This question was asked during a two day training session for all bus drivers in the Harrison County School District. Transportation Supervisor Tad Shaw said, “We especially emphasize safety because we are carrying the most important cargo in the community. That is what we are here for.”

While these drivers train to keep the students who ride the bus in the district safe, they all agree the problem is getting worse. “It has gotten a lot worse. When I first started I used to never have that problem, now it happens all the time. I got kids and when they are growing up and riding the bus I don’t want to have to worry about if someone is going to stop or not,” said Flynn.

Overall, they want to bring local law enforcement in on the campaign and remind drivers that nothing is worth the life and safety of a child. “Look out for the bus. You know stop means stop.”