Bluff Creek Campground residents on day six without power


Residents in Vancleave today are struggling to stay cool after their whole campground has been without power since last Thursday.

Bluff Creek Campground residents are telling News 25 that their landlord is at fault, owing the electric company over $15,000.

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Resident Andrea Rollin said, “Look, even before we had our lights cut off, last year because it was so hot, my husband was in the hospital for week because of a heat stroke for just sitting out here. Now we have no power? I’m terrified that something is going to happen to him again.”

Residents of Bluff Creek Campground are now facing their sixth day without power and they say the landlord is to blame. “We want him out of here. He’s got to get out here. They said if he paid so much the lights would only be on for a week, but he said he’s broke. He said he doesn’t care about us out here.”

While the electricity remains off, residents say the landlord has told residents that it is not his fault. However, according to the campground’s accountant, the landlord owes over $15,000 to Singing River Electric.

According to residents, when questioned about that debt, the landlord placed blame on the residents. “He said none of his tenants paid the rent and that’s why the lights got cut off. Here are my last four ones, I keep all my receipts. It’s not us.”

In the midst of a heatwave, residents are struggling to stay cool. The heat has been so rough that one resident had to go to the hospital which makes Rollin concerned that her granddaughter or other children may face worse. “Look at my baby right there, we’re tired of it.” “We’re tired of Mac. All he’s done is lie to us.” “I worry about her more then I do my health.”

While some residents have generators to power their campers, some aren’t so lucky. Growing agitated, residents have filed a police report with Jackson County and have tried to track down the landlord who has not been seen since Monday. “He’s up there hiding in that clubhouse because it’s got light. It’s got lights. That’s where he is at. He does not give a s*** about us, excuse my language.”

Now, News 25 visited the clubhouse to try and reach out for a comment from the landlord and he didn’t answer the door, despite his car being outside.


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