Fishing seasons in Mississippi waters


The Department of Marine Resources has opened and closed some fishing seasons for both commercial and recreational fishermen in Mississippi waters.

On Saturday, the recreational fishing season for gag fishing opened, along with the commercial fishing season for greater amberjack.

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While the gag season is expected to run through the end of the year, there’s only a small window for greater amberjack which is set to close June 9th.

Meanwhile, the commercial fishing season for gray trigger fish closed Saturday. While this is normally an exciting time for fishermen, many locals say the season is looking bleak. Local fisherman Rick Melton said, “The surge of fresh water coming in here through the spillway has affected our salinity. It is really starting to hurt the people who go out fishing. This is the worst this year, I have never seen this. I almost could drink this water. I was out yesterday and I tasted it and it had hardly any salt, so I could survive on it if I needed to.”


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