Hometown Hero takes flight


Saturday, the Thunder over the Sound will take the skies of Biloxi for the start of a weekend long spectacular show. Today, one hometown hero on the Coast had the chance to go up in flight with the Thunderbirds.

Dr. Todd Boucher is the principal of Popp’s Ferry Elementary in Biloxi. He was chosen as the Thunderbird’s ‘Hometown Hero’ for all the work he does inspiring today’s youth.

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Before taking the sky today, he was prepped on safety and what would happen in the air. Once he got on the plane, he saw his name painted on the side, sealing his name as the ‘Hometown Hero.’

Boucher’s flight was 45 minutes of flips and turns and he was said it was incredible. “It was amazing. It is really hard to put into words how incredible it was. It really gives you a different appreciation for what they do. I mean, that was just a fun ride in the air, but to have to do that in a combat situation. It’s just incredible.”

Boucher said his favorite part was when towards the end of the flight they took a 9 to 2 G-Force turn.


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